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Over 25 years of experience in interpreting and translation services.

After graduating with a degree in Conference Interpreting from Milan’s Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori, where we met, and then getting our Bachelors in Foreign Languages and Literature from IULM University, each of us broke into the world of interpreting and translating on her own. In 1998, we decided to set up CLA by joining forces and maximizing our diverse competences.
Over the years, each of us has specialized in her preferred fields, ranging from legal to fashion and design, from medicine and veterinary medicine to business and finance, from manufacturing to sustainability, from real estate to sports without overlooking the environment, agriculture, food and wine and tourism and more. The rest is history.

Simona Salvi

Languages: English and French
Memberships: Assointerpreti

I’ve always been attracted by the multicultural world of translating and interpreting, because it enables me to work with people from all walks of life in very diverse settings. I am a people person. I like facilitating communication in multilingual contexts and enjoy being involved in compelling and innovative projects. I am very keen on understanding my customers’ goals and challenges. I always strive to work in line with their expectations. 

Over the years I’ve accrued considerable experience as a conference interpreter and translator in many areas ranging from the medical and pharmaceutical sector to manufacturing, food & wine and fashion & beauty. I also work extensively in the business and financial sector, as I am often involved in M&A and takeover deals, board meetings, business meetings, training programs and contract negotiations. Being a certified translator and interpreter for Italian Courts, I also work in court hearings and witness depositions. Last but not least, I very often provide interpreting and translation services in medical and consumer market research projects. I’ve translated lots of business and training documents, manuals and technical datasheets, financial accounts, financial outlooks, contracts, legal documents, material for market research projects, clinical trial reports, product profiles, summary of product characteristics, package leaflets, instructions for use, scientific papers and informational material in general.
I love my job, because I never stop learning. In every assignment there is something new to learn. Also, I am very enthusiastic about perfecting my skill set and continuing education. I believe that training is a must in my job to keep abreast of the latest developments and trends that can impact my clients, so as to always provide an accurate and pertinent service.

A bridge across cultures

Valeria Laici

Languages: English and German
Memberships: Assointerpreti, AITI

I love my job as much today as I did when I first started: conferences and translations are always a challenge, involving new theories, techniques, perspectives and products.  It’s enriching.

I appreciate facilitating communication between people of high standing and dealing with innovative material. I always strive to add value through professionalism, expertise and empathy, to convey messages effectively and clearly in different languages, while meeting customer expectations.

Thanks to extensive field experience, I have become specialized in financial-economic texts, including financial statements and integrated reports, informational advisories and conferences for investment funds, credit institutions and philanthropic entities. I also work frequently in the textile/fashion industry, for presentations of collections by several prominent Italian and foreign brands and translate press releases and product descriptions; in the legal sector, I translate legal opinions, contracts and documents regarding trusts and I serve as an interpreter for depositionsMarket research with the provision of interpretation services in focus groups and individual interviews along with the translation of the resulting reports completes the array of areas of my competence.

My professional curiosity has also led me to teach: for nearly twenty years I’ve taught consecutive, simultaneous and oral mediation interpreting at the School for Linguistic Mediators and IULM University, in Milan.

Finally, I am a certified Expert Translator of the Tribunal of Milan.

Work with fun

Clara Pignataro

Languages: English and French
Memberships: Assointerpreti

My curiosity and personal interest led me to enter the medical-scientific and veterinary sectors, which have always fascinated me.

I work as a freelance conference interpreter for seminars and conferences in human and veterinary medicine, specifically: gastrointestinal surgery, anesthesia,  intensive care, neurology in small animals, animal nutrition, pulmonary transplants, diagnostics for abdominal imaging, oncology, emergency treatments for small animals, breeding and feline oncology. I have also had experience with translating for music, fashion, finance and marketing. In 2007 I began teaching and doing research on special languages and English as a universal language at IULM University, where I teach courses in theory and practice of interpreting. I have presented papers at international conferences and have published many articles and reviews in international journals.


Let your voice be heard

Roberta Giovine

Languages: English and French
Memberships: Assointerpreti

I’ve long been a simultaneous and consecutive interpreter, for love and money, with the occasional foray (for insatiable curiosity and natural defiance) farther afield: from the opening of a commercial venture abroad to university research on the interaction between culture and diet. Together with my three friends and colleagues, in 1998 I founded CLA, a studio tailor-made for the women and professionals we are: more then twenty years later, it still fits us perfectly.

My first assignment as an interpreter came just a few days after getting my diploma as a parliamentary interpreter, and since then, alongside teaching, research and various project collaborations, I’ve never stopped translating. Because translating isn’t just something that puts bread on the table for me: it means meeting people, both those in leadership positions or in the media spotlight and men and women who fly under the radar, but whose vision is keen. Over the years I’ve accrued experience in a vast range of subjects, from conventional and alternative medicine to the legal sector, mechanics, sports, marketingart and literature. Whether it was my family background, personal interest or just plain luck, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to particularly familiarize myself with viticulture and enology, as well as gastronomy and the associated agrifood technologies, the economic aspects, statistics and finance and management of industrial production processes, the environment and sustainable and circular economies. I also often work with notaries on real estate transactions and am a regular at automotive events. But whatever the context, interpreting is not just a question of putting a series of words in the right order, but of fully comprehending specialized concepts and terms and, above all, understanding and effectively reproducing a person’s intentions.

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