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Competence, speed and versatility 

A lean structure allows us to offer personalized solutions with quality, competence, flexibility, consistency and fast turnaround time. We build lasting relationships with clients and personally attend to all the details of each single assignment.

We take care of interpreting and translation services in Italian, English, French and German. For other languages we rely on a well-established network of dependable fellow interpreters and translators who have supported us for many years. 


• Simultaneous interpreting
• Remote Interpreting 
• Consecutive interpreting
• Whispered interpreting, or chuchotage
• Oversound interpreting
• Interpreting for negotiations, liaison, B2B

Interpretation services for:
Conferences, conventions and seminars
Web meetings, online events, livestreams, webinars, conference calls
Business meetings, board meetings, sales meetings
Company audits, site visits to production facilities, business negotiations
Presentations to investors and analysts and roadshows
Fashion shows
Court hearings, depositions, real estate transactions
Market research, focus groups, IDIs
Trade shows, exhibitions
Presentations of product lines, fashion collections, books
Press conferences
Job interviews / recruitment
TV events and festivals


• Business and commercial documents
• Financial and legal documents
• Medical and scientific documents
• Technical documents and manuals
• Promotional/advertising material
• Technical manuals
• Press office texts
• Newspaper/magazine articles
• Informational content
• Websites and apps

• Sworn translations and certified translations 
• Translations from audiovisual files
• Transcriptions from audiovisual files
• Translation editing, proofreading and revision

• Management of multlingual translation projects


For each assignment we choose carefully the most suitable system, platform or software, taking cost into consideration as well. 

For in-person interpreting services in conferences and large meetings, we arrange to have soundproof booths installed, with headphones and consoles for the interpreters and headsets for participants. 

For smaller business meetings, market research and factory visits, we utilize a portable simultaneous translation system with headsets and microphones for speakers and interpreters without a soundproof booth. This is also a very cost-effective solution, which does not require any space to be set aside for the interpreting equipment. 

For remote interpreting services, we use the most advanced multilingual webconferencing platforms. These systems enable us to support customers whenever in-person meetings are not feasible due to environmental constraints or emergency situations, when speakers cannot travel to a conference venue or urgent meetings are scheduled. 

For written translations, we use the main word processing and desktop publishing software packages. We also utilize CAT tools, post-editing and terminology management software for texts that lend themselves to be managed with these MT tools. 

Multilingual team management

The experience we have accumulated managing interpreting and multi-language translation assignments allows us to also offer a team management service. We involve reliable interpreters and translators who are specialized in the main European and non-European languages to meet all the linguistic needs of our clients. 

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